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Updated: Mar 4

Ah, well done; youve survived your tattoo sessIion and youe walked away with a beating heart and some fresh ink ready to show the world who’s boss. well i tell you what i dont know your artist, and there are always some slight differences in the afyercare procedure to keep your tattoo looking fresh, that also doesnt attest for what you think you know about your skin also. so lets talk about the thing that all professionalls can agree on, keep these thing away from your fresh tattoo for a great looking tattoo for years to come!

These are the DO NOTS I say!

keep these things in mind along with your tattoo aftercare and watch how much of a game changer it mmakes for how great your tattoo looks in comparison to others.


It may seem easier, but your actually making your life harder by doing nothing.

tattooing is not a hobby its a life style that requres effective and efficient skin care show the best long term out come. but even a little better than nothing, a dry heal still requires you to wash and moisturize, and a wet heal still requires you to do the same to not only keep it clean but to reintroduce moisture and exfoliate and left of dead skin.

super simple show your tattoo some love a few times a day, at it will be happy to stay ;).


Oh the great power of the sun, should be respected, with color or black and grey alike long term sun damage is something any tattoo artist can spot, the same way sunlight can bleach bones or the stuff you keep on the front dash of the whip. SPF isnt something you should be putting on the tatttoos till its all healed up. but staying is the equivalent os getting really really slow lazer removal, so let just keep your fresh ink out of that and your HEALED TATTOOS

protected with sunscreen


oh man all of these things can turn the most beautiful tattoo in to a fraction of what it could have been, and in a worse case senario it could lead to scarring or a hospitol visit, as tempting as it can be for some doing any of the above and leave you with a more that expected scabby mess, scabs are the enemy, but peeling is your friend, black and grey or color, although healing is common because we are working with blood, out end goal. is a nice smooth peel, like a sunburn. Anything more than that require extra care and possibly a touchup.


This very much depends on placment in most cases but non the ness youre not wanting to run a sharp object over your fresly beaten hair folicles and your angry,swollen also beaten skin. Not only are we doing worse than rule #3 ( which still makes this not better or worse, just dont ) we are also adding ingrown hairs to the mix not today.


medicated ointments mean to do well, well they do too well,there are some germs your body needs to be the best healer it can be but only do medicated ointments come with bleaching agents/ and petrolium base’s, the medication inside can literally sap the ink out of a healing tattoo. they dont allow your skin to breath because just sit on the top, not great aftercare. if you ever felt like you needed it youd probably do yourself better justice by asking the artist.


Its such an important thing to keep your fresh tattoo hydrated. but too much of any good thing can turn in. to something bad really quick, exspecially when that good thing comes from bad places or hang around way longer than needed, over exposure to rater can ruin a tattoo and but you in a world of hurt. Keeping your tattoo out of places like the pool, especially the hot tub, and even the bathtub are really inportant, lets not forget about ALL of the water we find in open nature kepp your fresh open ink/ wound away from the germ infested waters of nature. all your tattoo needs is enough time in the water from a shower to keep clean.


I dont care how great that tight apprel look laying on your fresh tattoo, that includes bra straps, that rubbing will be the ruin od your new tattoo, stick to a loose fitting article of clothing till your tattoos healed and youll be on the right track.


the obver treatment of a fresh tattoo can lead to damag so stick to the plan. its very important that your tattoo can take in some air, your skin needs to breathe. if its not an emergency or very cold out its probably a better idea to pace yourself on the aftercare products.


By taking off the bandage you allow your arm to take in air and start the dry healing process, by reappplying the bandage after this has begun is a great way to turn your arm in to a bad germ factory so keep away from that. if you choose wet or dry healing you must stick to the rules given to you to not only keep yourself safe, but keep your tattoo pretty!


Look getting a good workout in is super important, but avoid sweating for the first two weeks with a fresh tattoo to avoid needing touch-ups for poor healing.


everyone had their vices, but keeping away from the for the first few weeks not only will do wonders for your body, but with your body already doing what it can heal you keeping away from these things will help you heal even better.


I don't care if it's your grandma or the pet dog, don't let anyone touch your tattoo till the healing process is over.

Thank for checking this out, may your tattoos be awesome, so are you !

well moisturized client with arms crossed and heathy tattoos by Sterling.gorejus
Sterling Gorejus

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